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Resintech is a leading manufacturer that provides the latest advanced technology and innovation in producing the very best Polyethylene Pipes,Fittings and Tanks today.Resintech uses only the finest…


Established in 1977 by founder and Managing Director Dato Teh Kim Poo,Resintech has grew from its modest beginning with a small scale manufacturing plant which manufacture only fible glass tanks and…


Resintech is also listed on the second board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, which is the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.
Resintech provides a range of differentiated polyethylene products that…


In order to support the ever changing market,Resintech has the distinction of being a “One-Stop Center” for customers.With its presence strategic locations throughout Malaysia and wide range of…


Better quality and cost efficient polyethylene products have always been sought out within the market,thus Resintech strive to diversify its line of businesses and seek new business opportunities to…
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Introduction to FIMAS

Throughout the company’s continuous effort and drive to improve the range of its polyethylene products, Resintech is proud to present its latest innovation, the FIMAS brand of polyethylene pipe…


With years of research and development,FIMASpolyethylene pipe fittings have been develop to meet the increasing customers demand,quality,efficiency and cost saving in the market.Combining the latest…
FIMAS PE Electro Fusion Fittings

FIMAS PE Electro Fusion Fittings

FIMAS Electro Fusion fittings are made from PE 100 materials and manufactured using injection molded technology.Each FIMAS Electro Fusion fitting is incorporated with copper wires which are heated up…

FIMAS PE Thermoweld Fittings

Previous thermoweld fittings are mainly a result of fabrication of polyethylene pipes into fittings which are not leak proof and depend mainly on quality of fabrication by welders.


With the development of FIMAS Thermoweld fittings,these short coming are non existent as all FIMAS Thermoweld fittings are manufacture using the latest injection molded technology which contribute to…

FIMAS Fabricated Polyethylene Fittings

FIMAS Fabricated fittings can come in various sizes, angles and shapes. It is available in eitherPE80 or PE100 materials.

Resintech Thermoplast Welding Machine

Resintech Thermoplast Welding Machine is specifically developed to compliment the FIMAS Electro Fusion fittings range. This has again illustrated Resintech relentless efforts in diversifying its line…